Summer 2020 Seasonal:
(Vegan & Gluten-Free)

“I’ve had a lemon verbena bush growing in my garden for years, every time I pass it, all I need to do is brush my fingertips against its leaves and inhale - the uplifting aroma of verbena is a mood lifter of the best kind. The spicy, vaguely lemony herb amplifies stone fruit flavors like no other herb, so of course when we needed to pair the concentrated richness of the Poppy Apricot with something my mind went to Verbena. Two bright, happy-making flavors in one perfect edible is exactly what I want from a Rose Los Angeles confection.”

-Nicole Rucker

@dirtygirlproduce is a 40-acre certified organic family farm located in Santa Cruz County, CA. Since 1931, @blossomblufforchard has been producing excellent fruit in the heart of California’s San Joaquin Valley, widely considered as one of the most fertile farmlands in the world.

New Seasonal: Available Oct. 15 '20

Rose w/ Gossamer and Chef Tara Thomas

Available Oct. 15

Plump Dirty-Girl dry-farmed tomatoes and crisp Sweet Crimson watermelon from Fully Belly Farm fuse with fresh sencha tea from Leaves & Flowers to create our latest delights. Think rich and tomatoey meeting light, crisp and sweet melon with hint of verdancy—gushing but not overpowering; bold but extraordinarily balanced. Available in both Magic Melon THC flower rosin from Foothill River Farms & Sour Space Candy CBD flower rosin from Hudson Hemp. Created by Chef Tara Thomas and conceptualized by a collaboration of Rose X Gossamer.

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